Brahmi Oil (Certified Organic)

  • 100% Natural and Herbal helpful in Memory Problem
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Brahmi oil is a massage oil for relaxing the mind that helps to release anxious energy and bring ease and clarity to thought. Brahmi and Gotu Kola benefit the nerves and opens up the pranic channels which become clogged and constricted as a result of stress and anxiety. It is the main revitalizing herb for the nerves and the brain cells, and is famous for bestowing unmatched clarity to thought and aiding the understanding of the absolute reality, or Brahman.  It increases intelligence, longevity, and memory, while correlatively decreasing senility and aging, as well as healing and moisturizing for a variety skin conditions. It is a blend of the two 

Brahmi herbs in a sesame oil base and is a powerful tonic for the dispersed and tired mind.
Brahmi is a name given to the two Brahmis herbs Bacopa and Gotu Kola which are each independently regarded for their tonifying and rejuvenating effects on the mind. While both are cooling and soothing to pitta and consequently very cleansing and soothing to the skin and nerves, each has slightly different qualities which are complimentary and renders their combination a potent marriage.  The sweet effect of Gotu Kola benefits the body with nourishing and rejuvenating effects, while Bacopa is a more bitter and thus detoxifying in its effects. This is a useful partnership of energies for the treatment of a variety of conditions. They combine to sooth the nerves and calm the heart which is aggravated by fear and anger, while also cleansing the blood and skin and so effective for the treatment of dermatological conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 
Sesame oil is a great addition to these two herbs as it compliments their doshic effects and augments their nerve-soothing effects.  Sesame oil helps bring balance to an aggravated vata which is a common cause of mental and nervous imbalance.  This compliments the pitta balancing effects of the brahmis and helps to provide a more well-rounded doshic treatment for the mind and the nerves. Sesame oil is rich in essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, vitamin B6, and omega-6 fatty acids. These components have a grounding effect on the nerves and the mind which helps to stabilize the erraticism of nervousness and stress, while also being very nutritive and supportive of the functioning of the blood and the nerves. In addition, sesame oil has several components which are potent anti-oxidants and anti-depressants, both helping to fight senility and encourage a sense of well-being. 
Together, sesame oil and the brahmis render an all-around effective treatment for a variety of applications. The brahmis support all the regeneration of the brain and all mental functions, consequently increasing intelligence, longevity, and memory. They also cleanse the blood and calm the heart which helps to clear and revitalize dry and damaged skin. These affects combined with the calming and steadying effects of sesame oil provide thorough treatment for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, eczema, and psoriasis. Brahmi oil is great for those who work long hours reading, on a computer, or in otherwise heavily thought dependent work. It can be applied by gentle massage on the forehead, temples, and at the seat of the head at the neck before bedtime to encourage a natural and deep sleep, or midday when stress levels are high to bring clarity and concentration. Brahmi oil benefits lucidity and understanding in all parts of life.
Brahmi Oil Benefits:
Calming and clearing to the nerves
Encourages concentration and increases memory
Balances Vata, grounding
Opening of the Crown Chakra
Ingredients : Each 100ml of certified organic Sesame oil isprocessed with Brahmi (Baccopa monnieri)*
Suggested Use: Rub the warm oil gently on the scalp and wash off nextmorning or apply on the scalp and wash off after 30 minutes.For skin, heat rashes, itching apply warm oil and wash off after 20minutes with herbal powder or gentle soap.
Pack Size: 200 ml Amber Colored Light Proof Glass Bottle (Ecologically Friendly Packaging)
  • Made with 100% certified Organic Herbs.
  • No Heavy Metals.
  • No Added Artificial Flavours.
  • No Chemical preservatives.
  • No Pesticides.
  • No genetically Modified Crop Material used.




Brahmi extract, Brahmi, Brahmi (Centella Asiatica), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri),



Health Problems:

Memory Problem,




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  • 100% Natural and Herbal helpful in Memory Problem
  • Sold and fulfilled by Nirogam India
  • Delivery in 3-5 business Days.

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