Kapha Oil (Certified Organic)

  • 100% Natural and Herbal helpful in Cold (Common Cold)
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Herbal Massage Oil
Formulated to stimulate, revitalize, and warm the Kapha constitution,this massage oils promotes the elimination of retained water and invigorates themuscles and circulation. It contains the most known skin tonifying herbs in all ofAyurveda. It will restore and enliven the skin as well as aid in healing minor wounds.
Kapha oil is specially formulated to stimulate, revitalize, and warm the kapha dosha. It is a blend of nine potent herbs in a medium of sesame and sunflower oil, all of which work together to awaken sluggish agni and help restore balance and proportion to the tissues of the body. The Kapha dosha is composed of the heavy and unctuous substances of the body. Kapha type imbalance often results in build-up of fats, water, and minerals that clog the digestive, circulatory, and pranic (nerve energy) cycles of the body. Proper treatment of kapha dosha imbalance requires a wide range of dietary and habitual changes, however, kapha type oil is a great addition to any kapha dosha balancing regimen or for the treatment of acute cases of kapha type build-up.
The principal ingredients of this oil are punarnava and chitrak, both of which have powerful anti-inflammatory and swelling reduction properties. Chitrak has a heating energy which stimulates the digestive action of all tissues helping them to break down and break up ama, toxic build-up, and accumulated fats. Charaka, one of the fathers of Ayurvedic medicine, referred to it both as a reducing herb and as an accumulation-breaking herb, for its astounding ability to reduce swelling, water retention, and collected fats. This herb is so effective in stimulating the metabolism of the tissues and breaking down accumulated tissues that it was used to great avail in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
In addition to this power-pair kapha oil includes a wide base of herbs and essential oils that support and stimulate its effects. Neem and bhymyamalaki are both stimulating to cellular digestion and anti-inflammatory, augmenting the effects of chitrak and punarnava. While the drying and cleansing effects of calamus dry up retained water and clean out the bodies channels of toxins and accumulations. It also stimulates metabolic and circulatory functions, enhancing the effects of the rest of the herbs, and further acts as to increase sensitivity, helping the nerves to properly manage the expulsion of build-up from the body. In addition, the herbs Holy basil, rosemary, and eucalyptus are included for their aromatic, stimulating, and mucolytic properties. They help relax the body and promote the flow of toxins out of the body.
Sesame and sunflower oil provide a strong base for this mixture of herbs. Sesame is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that support the function of the blood and digestive processes of the tissues. While sunflower oil is also rich in vitamins that are nourishing to the skin. These two act as a vehicle bringing the healing and cleansing actions of the herbs to the muscles and fat cells to maximize their effectiveness. In addition, these two oils have little to no saturated fats making them healthy and easy for the skin and muscles to digest, and avoiding further accumulation of water and fat in the body.
Kapha oil blends the most effective herbs for the reduction and expulsion of build-up in the skin and muscle tissues and delivers them in a nourishing and healthy medium of sesame and sunflower oil. This oil is great for the treatment of localized swelling and inflammation, as well as a supportive measure for any kapha dosha reducing regimen. It can be applied by massaging in small and increasingly large circles, or directly against the grain of the hair, as this helps move the oil into the hair follicles and under the skin. Use well and enjoy!
Ingredients :Each 100ml of certified organic Sesame oil is processed with decotionextract (1,5g each) of : Rasna (Alpinia galangal)*, Shatava (Anethum sowa)*, Vidanga (Embelia ribes),*Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)*, Chitraka (Plumbago indica)*, Guduci (Tinospora cordifolia)*, and finepaste (1g each) of : Rasna (Alpinia galangal)*, Vacha (Acorus calamus)*, Ela (Elettaria cardamomum)*.
Packing Size: 200ml
*Certified organically grown
• No Heavy Metals.
• No Added Artificial Flavours.
• No Chemical preservatives.
• No Pesticides.
• No genetically Modified Crop Material used.



Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)



Health Problems:

Cold (Common Cold)


200ml (-1)


400 (Grams),

  • 100% Natural and Herbal helpful in Cold (Common Cold)
  • Sold and fulfilled by Nirogam India
  • Delivery in 3-5 business Days.

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