Organic Bhumiamalaki Powder 200gms

  • 100% Natural and Herbal helpful in Gastritis, Toxic Problems
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Bhumi Amalaki is deliberate to be a winter weed that has many benefits in Ayurvedic medicine. This name might also infrequently be created as Bhumi amalaki or underline identical spellings. While some people might logically pretence that Bhumi Amalaki is a sold kind or chronicle of Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry plant – it is essentially a utterly singular plant all the own. Each one has the own medicinal uses and, interestingly, each one has a utterly different appearance. Bhumi Amalaki is a small plant while Amalaki is a vast tree.

So because the identical name? Bhumi Amalaki has lots of small, mustard-seed imitative fruits flourishing on the stems that can look very identical to the incomparable Amalaki fruits.

Bhumi amalaki or Bhumi Amalaki is typically distant into two species. Phyllanthus niruri spreads on the belligerent and phyllanthus amarus is a taller chronicle of the plant. Some herbal experts strongly suggest using the shorter niruri plants for medicinal purposes.

The vital illness benefits for this herb are for jaundice, hepatomegaly and spleenomegaly conditions. The liver and kidney are helped with Bhumi Amalaki supplements – like capsules or powders – as the herb heals hankie inflammations and can revoke flourishing in the liver and digestive tract tools of the body.

Considered a rasayana for the liver, this sequence fundamentally equates to use can assist in reversing imbalances and assistance ease and maintain the liver. Bhumi amalaki is described as sour in taste, but in effect in alleviating hepatitis symptoms and also helping in gall and bladder mill ailments.

Other people also suggest the Bhumi amalaki products to grasp healthy, transparent skin.

As with all herbal pill products, a doctor’s or herbalist’s impasse is strongly speedy for those meddlesome in adding Bhumi Amalaki as part of a illness regimen. Many experts will take impassioned caring with this herb in conditions of recommending specific doses and forms to be used by patients. The regard is that nonetheless this herb can clean the liver of toxins, releasing too many corporeal toxins at once into the viscera and liver can potentially put too much highlight on the these viscera or on the colon and kidneys.

Medical professionals might also need a diet featuring Bhumi amalaki supplements to also underline barley, tapioca and okra to assistance with a accumulation of fullness and digestive process hurdles that might appear. Teas and powders are between the most usual forms of this herbal addition available and each come with singular expenditure guidelines. A herbalist and/or healing veteran informed with an individual’s healing story and incident is the best source of recommending which form might be best for someone’s illness circumstances.

Basic Dosage: 3-6gms daily.

Packing Size: 200gms




Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Amalaka (Emblica Officinalis), Bhumyamalaki(Phyllanthus niruri),



Health Problems:

Gastritis, Toxic Problems,


200 (Grams),


125 (Grams),


  • 100% Natural and Herbal helpful in Gastritis, Toxic Problems
  • Sold and fulfilled by Nirogam India
  • Delivery in 3-5 business Days.

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